Episode 33: Shocktober


Shocktober is brilliant.  Watching 31 horror movies in a month is a true challenge and a great way to steep in the Halloween season.  What is not so brilliant about Shocktober is that most horror movies are TERRIBLE, and watching 31 of them makes you wonder if you even like them anymore.  Halfway through the month you feel like giving up because your ocular cavities are filled to the brim with fake blood and boobs.

Every October we participate in Shocktober, and this year we decided to do a wrap up episode discussing our highlights and lowlights from the upsetting overload of horror.

We do not hold back with spoilers, so if you have not seen any the following movies PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN AND/OR CALM DOWN AND ACCEPT THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL DIE AND SPOILERS WILL NOT MATTER:

Ghostwatch, Willow Creek, Prom Night, Hocus Pocus, Rosemary’s Baby, The Loved Ones, Personal Shopper, A Dark Song, The Thing, Tremors, Better Watch Out, Life, Hellraiser 1 & 2, Chopping Mall, Cabin Fever, Gremlins, The Guest, The Houses October Built 1 & 2, The House of the Devil, WNUF Halloween Special, Lights Out, House on Willow Street, The Girl With All the Gifts, Maggie, American Werewolf in London.


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Episode 32: Jack the Ripper Halloween Special!

Get ready for our SECOND Halloween Special!  This year we are taking on the enduring legend of Jack the Ripper!

Each member of Peripheral researched a man we thought could have been Jack the Ripper and we each present our case.  Our number one fan (sorry Devin’s mom, we love you), and former podcast guest Andy, joins us to act as our judge.  He will listen to our arguments and make his ruling on which suspect he believes was Jack the Ripper.  Case closed.

If you have been following along on Twitter, you will notice that we are participating in Shocktober!  Shocktober is the act of watching a horror movie every day in October.  We are tweeting the movies we watch each day and we will record a Shocktober podcast at the end of the month.  We will discuss our favorite movies and a few of the shitty ones.  We hope you are participating in Shocktober too!  It’s the best way to really steep in the Halloween spirit.

We hope you enjoy this episode and have a GREAT HALLOWEEN!



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Episode 31: Australia

We decided to take on an entire continent this week on Peripheral. It was no small feat considering that Australia is full of nightmares. Don’t believe us?


CHECKCHECK Sad history of aboriginal genocide and baby stealing.

CHECKCHECK Once boasted the highest number of insane asylums per capita.

CHECKCHECK Home to countless murderous mammals, reptiles, insects and marine life.

CHECKCHECK Has one of the lowest population densities on earth.

Australia is a landmass boiling over with haints. We try to tackle just a few of them.


That’s not a lady Sasquatch! THIS is a lady Sasquatch!

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Episode 30: Space Oddities

In this episode of Peripheral we dug up our favorite stories about the mysteries of space and serve them hot and ready to your ears.

We will sort of answer questions similar in tone to the ones postulated below:

Did fuzzy aliens send zeppelins down to earth for the purpose of abducting humans?

Have mysterious satellites been circling earth for hundreds of years?

Do astronauts see aliens while out spacewalking?

Is space a vacuum of evils that should be avoided by man?

Oh boy, we are going to kind of get into those topics and mostly blow your minds! Enjoy!

Space Oddities

I mean, he is odd. And he is in space.

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Episode 29: Grab Bag II

The Grab Bag is BACK!  Almost a year ago we terrorized our listeners with a random assortment of terrors, and we are doing it again!  Your butts should be held, and your y’alls should be ready for this, because we are going to pull some horrors out of the nightmare bag!

We hope you enjoy GRAB BAG II: THE GRABBENING!

grab bag

ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download.


The Caste Marked

An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly!


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Episode 27: Paranormal Attacks

No one likes being hassled.  Unwanted touch or conversation can be annoying at best (a co-worker sharing an update of their hysterectomy scars while you wash your mug in the breakroom), or downright nightmarish (realizing the dude sitting behind you on the bus has been blowing air gently onto the back of your neck for the last fifteen minutes).  It seems impossible, but ghosts and cryptids have even less respect for your personal space than bus creepers.

This week we share a variety of stories about unwanted paranormal touch, tales of ghosts, demons and boy scouts getting all up in your biz.

We hope you enjoy it and we hope it inspires you to set clear inter-dimensional boundaries.

Baby Puncher

Damn ghost babies all up in your bubble.

ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download.


The Caste Marked

An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly!


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Episode 25: Destination Hunter Facts

Paranormal reality shows are the perfect trash television.  Nothing soothes a hangover better than watching dum dums in night vision, screaming and running from “ghosts.”

The issue with our favorite ghost hunting shows is how prolific they are.  Ghost Hunters has filmed over 200 episodes and has at least three spin off shows.  Ghost Adventures has had 23 seasons and Destination Truth, despite not being very popular, still had 5 seasons.

You can trust us on this: the majority of these episodes are bad.  Easily 75%-85% are real wet farts.

We have handpicked the best and scariest episodes from these shows to curate a ghost show mixtape for you.  This mixtape includes the following hot tracks:

  1. Puppet Surgery f/ Commander Riker
  2. Haunted Forest vs Meadow f/ Romanian Gallagher
  3. Where R We Headed, Grandson?  f/Yokai Memaw
  4. Spider Demon (Dude Get It Off) f/ ‘Roid Boyz

We hope you enjoy it!

mixtape 2


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Episode 24: Conspiracy Theories


Well you knew this episode was coming, since our Peripheral family crest should have “STEEL BEAMS” written on it in Latin.

Conspiracy theories are our jam.  We trust no one and believe every subreddit.

This week we hunker down in our nazi moon-base to broadcast our tales of weather control facilities, Illuminati bunkers, attempted coups and gelatinous rain.

BE CAREFUL!  Spoilers for The Good Place at 1:07!


“Scully, it’s me.  I need to lose ten pounds.”


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Episode 23: Haunted Bars

We here at Peripheral decided we could all use a drink.  There’s an uncontrolled trash fire sweeping across America, so now’s a good time to duck into a dank bar and hide out.

This week we chat about the the darkest, creepiest, most haunted bars we could find.  These stories will contain bludgeonings, stabbings, bodies buried under floorboards, torture and suicides.  Don’t worry though.  Even with all those horrors, these bars are still safer than what’s going on outside right now.

Join us!  Let’s get sauced and scared together.


“What you gonna do when your racism runs wild, BROTHER!?”


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