Episode 28: Urban Legends

The best part of an urban legend is that it doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is, it still gets under your skin.  Does it make logical sense that saying a phrase three times into a mirror would conjure a ghost child?  Of course it doesn’t.  Will you wake up in a bathtub full of ice with your kidneys missing?  They wouldn’t leave you alive!  It there actually something under your bed?  Nope.  It’s moved behind you.

This episode we discuss the the dos and don’ts of self medication, the true dangers of indoor fans and we look at the birth of a modern urban legend about vampires.  We also have a public service announcement: please put away your Halloween decorations in a timely fashion.  So many of them are actual corpses.  Also, please put away your corpses.

Enjoy the episode!  But first, maybe check the  backseat of your car…

urban legends

ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download.


The Caste Marked

An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly!

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Episode 14: Hometown Homicides

From metropolis to podunk, everyone’s hometown is different, but they share common threads that connect us all. Every town has ghost stories, creepy townies and abandoned buildings.  And every town has a haunted lover’s lane, or a trail where kids went missing, or that lake where your cousin’s best friend’s older brother said that one boy drowned.

This week each member of the Peripheral Team talks about their different hometowns and the true stories of murder that weave them together.  We hope you enjoy it!


Source: Dan Clowes, Psycho Comics #1

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