Episode 33: Shocktober


Shocktober is brilliant.  Watching 31 horror movies in a month is a true challenge and a great way to steep in the Halloween season.  What is not so brilliant about Shocktober is that most horror movies are TERRIBLE, and watching 31 of them makes you wonder if you even like them anymore.  Halfway through the month you feel like giving up because your ocular cavities are filled to the brim with fake blood and boobs.

Every October we participate in Shocktober, and this year we decided to do a wrap up episode discussing our highlights and lowlights from the upsetting overload of horror.

We do not hold back with spoilers, so if you have not seen any the following movies PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN AND/OR CALM DOWN AND ACCEPT THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL DIE AND SPOILERS WILL NOT MATTER:

Ghostwatch, Willow Creek, Prom Night, Hocus Pocus, Rosemary’s Baby, The Loved Ones, Personal Shopper, A Dark Song, The Thing, Tremors, Better Watch Out, Life, Hellraiser 1 & 2, Chopping Mall, Cabin Fever, Gremlins, The Guest, The Houses October Built 1 & 2, The House of the Devil, WNUF Halloween Special, Lights Out, House on Willow Street, The Girl With All the Gifts, Maggie, American Werewolf in London.


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Episode 12: Grab Bag!

We’ve got ourselves a GRAB BAG this week!  These stories are about anything we choose.  The only ribbon tying these stories together is terror.  You won’t know what to expect or how to prepare yourself for these spooks and scares.  What you do know is that you will be gifted, from our generous mouths, four creepy stories.  We hope you enjoy this episode and its many unwanted conversations about wrestling.


You don’t know what’s in there. (Art by Maura Kalusky)

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Episode 9: Imposters

This week Peripheral is sharing some chilling tales that will make your fake soul patches shiver.  Charming men that turn you into barbecue, blood ritual cults and drug fueled orgies, a ghost named Mr. Splitfoot and terrifying doppelgangers.  Cover your mirrors, erase your Tinder accounts and kill your twins, because fakers are everywhere.


“I am thou…Thou art I…From the sea of thy soul, I come…”


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Episode 7: Murder Castles

On this week’s episode of Peripheral, we are missing a co host and in their place we have a very special guest!  Please welcome Andy, our unofficial fifth member and our very official Billionaire Baby, who fills in for Devin this week.  Our topic this week is murder castles, which we feel also extends to any shelter on land or sea.  The Peripheral team covers a breadth of terrifying topics: suitors with bushy mustaches and evil intentions, murderous introverts, the deafening silence of cruise ship nap time and being a poor Chinese citizen with a common blood type.   Enjoy!


HH drawingThis amazing drawing was made by Holly Carden.  Check out her website where you can buy prints and see the detailed process she went through to make it!


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