Episode 31: Australia

We decided to take on an entire continent this week on Peripheral. It was no small feat considering that Australia is full of nightmares. Don’t believe us?


CHECKCHECK Sad history of aboriginal genocide and baby stealing.

CHECKCHECK Once boasted the highest number of insane asylums per capita.

CHECKCHECK Home to countless murderous mammals, reptiles, insects and marine life.

CHECKCHECK Has one of the lowest population densities on earth.

Australia is a landmass boiling over with haints. We try to tackle just a few of them.


That’s not a lady Sasquatch! THIS is a lady Sasquatch!

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Episode 22: Holiday Special

Oh boy, that was certainly a holiday, wasn’t it?  The whole Peripheral team got SLAMMED by nightmarish Christmas and New Years obligations, but we are back!  This week we’re releasing our holiday episode.  Did we hold off on releasing it because it is really disturbing and we didn’t want to destroy your holiday with terror?  Kind of.

Well, almost certainly.

Out topics are almost exclusively about entire families being murdered.  Don’t worry, we handle it with the reverence and class that we here at Peripheral are known for.

We hope you enjoy this festive episode!


A soothing image for a soothing episode.


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