Episode 1: Spooky Islands – Join the Peripheral team as we regale you with horrors from a few of our favorite sub-continental land masses surrounded by water…

Episode 2: Crimes of passion – In this Valentine’s Day themed episode, the team shares their favorite crimes of passion…

Episode 3: Mystery Spots – Dust off your compasses and check your horizon, because this week on Peripheral we are talking about our favorite mystery spots.

Episode 4: Washington Stories –  In this locally focused episode, we have tales of unidentified flying objects, a “doctor” serial killer and even spontaneous combustion.

Episode 5: Cults – This week on Peripheral we are putting on our flowiest robes and tossing out our individual freedoms so we can share stories about our favorite cults!

Episode 6: St. Patrick’s Day – Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!  This week we will give you the old Irish Tingle, vibrating your livers with spookiness.

Episode 7: Murder Castles – Our topic this week is murder castles, which we feel also extends to any shelter on land or sea.

Episode 8: Haunted Roads – We have an unprecedented FIVE stories about haunted roads this week, so you should all be holding onto your butts for this joy ride.

Episode 9: Imposters – This week Peripheral is sharing some chilling tales that will make your fake soul patches shiver.  Cover your mirrors, erase your Tinder accounts and kill your twins, because fakers are everywhere.

Episode 10: Cursed Objects – In order to properly celebrate our tenth episode of Peripheral we have decided to make you take a second glance at every inanimate object you see.

Episode 11: Creepy Families – This week’s episode is all about the scariest families we can think of.

Episode 12: Grab Bag! – We are talking about whatever topic we want this week!

Episode 13: Objects Out of Time – In this episode we share stories about objects that exist in a time period where they don’t belong.

Episode 14: Hometown Homicides – This week we talk about famous murders that happened in our hometowns.

Episode 15: Not Quite Ghosts –  This episode is all about ghosts that turned out to be something like ghosts, but not quite ghosts.

Episode 16: Secret Societies – This week we each cover a story about a secret club or society.

Episode 17: Poltergeists – We are talking about aggressive ghosts this week, they seem like real buttholes!

Episode 18: Hidden Horrors – This week we cover stories about unpleasant surprises.  If it is upsetting and hidden away, we are talking about it.

Episode 19: Mad Scientists – There are some real nutters in the scientific community and this week we are talking about some of our favorites.

Episode 20: Halloween Special – In our Halloween Special we talk about our childhood fears and how they were totally justified.

Episode 21: Underground Terrors – The world is on fire! In this episode join us as we go underground, where things are also awful.

Episode 22: Holiday Special – To celebrate the holiday season, we all share horrifying stories about families getting murdered.

Episode 23: Haunted Bars – We are sharing stories about creepy happenings in bars and pubs!

Episode 24: Conspiracy Theories – This week we put on our tin foil hats and talk about our favorite conspiracies.

Episode 25: Destination Hunter Facts – We talk about our favorite ghost hunting show episodes in this bro heavy episode.

Episode 26: Serial Killers – Prolific murderers are terrible and fascinating, this episode is all about them.

Episode 27: Paranormal Attacks – It doesn’t matter which spiritual plane you are on, no one likes unwanted touch.

Episode 28:  Urban Legends –  Our urban legends will make you afraid of everything!  You’re welcome!

Episode 29: Grab Bag II –  Sequels are always better!

Episode 30: Space Oddities – Space is a vacuum full of horrors!

Episode 31:  Australia – We take on an entire terrifying continent!