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Devin wants to believe in ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot, but he just can’t quite bring himself to. Although, he can’t explain what happened to him in that hotel in Vancouver… Boop




Mariah01Ever the believer, Mariah stands by the idea that Ghosts are real, Spirits are real, that Unicorns are REAL. Well, okay, maybe not that last one. But she does truly feel that there isn’t enough to disprove the exisitence of life after death. She loves things that are spooky and loves hearing tales of strange and unexplained things.



30796073-8b90-434d-860c-8df8357f30f7Lindsey watches all the shitty horror movies, reads most of the scary comic books, and makes Roz play all the scary video games while she watches from behind a pillow. She is onboard and a skeptic and doesn’t know anything.  



52080098-d1fd-4e41-93b7-eac736fcab25Roz (Bobby)

Bobby is Roz, Roz is Bobby.  Bobby mostly likes video games.  He doesn’t believe in ghosts and he isn’t afraid of anything spooky.  He is, however, afraid of the homeless people, bears and rusty nails that inhabit spooky places.  Sometimes Bobby does computers.