Episode 32: Jack the Ripper Halloween Special!

Get ready for our SECOND Halloween Special!  This year we are taking on the enduring legend of Jack the Ripper!

Each member of Peripheral researched a man we thought could have been Jack the Ripper and we each present our case.  Our number one fan (sorry Devin’s mom, we love you), and former podcast guest Andy, joins us to act as our judge.  He will listen to our arguments and make his ruling on which suspect he believes was Jack the Ripper.  Case closed.

If you have been following along on Twitter, you will notice that we are participating in Shocktober!  Shocktober is the act of watching a horror movie every day in October.  We are tweeting the movies we watch each day and we will record a Shocktober podcast at the end of the month.  We will discuss our favorite movies and a few of the shitty ones.  We hope you are participating in Shocktober too!  It’s the best way to really steep in the Halloween spirit.

We hope you enjoy this episode and have a GREAT HALLOWEEN!





H.H. Holmes


The photo on the left is of H.H. Holmes.  The composite image on the right was created by Scotland Yard based on eye witness accounts of Jack the Ripper.

Mariah’s suspect is the Chicago-based con artist and serial killer, H.H Holmes.


James Kelly

James Kelly

The sketch on the left is based on a witness description of Jack the Ripper in 1888.  The image on the right is based on a picture of James Kelly when he was 67.  His likeness was de-aged using a computer program.

Bobby’s suspect is the wife murdering and syphilis riddled upholsterer, James Kelly.


Frederick Deeming

DeemingRipper (1)

A sketch comparing Deeming with Jack the Ripper.

Devin’s suspect is the family annihilator and throat slitting enthusiast, Frederick Deeming.


Walter Sickert

sickert painting

A very soothing painting!

Lindsey’s suspect is the renowned German painter, Walter Sickert.