Episode 30: Space Oddities

In this episode of Peripheral we dug up our favorite stories about the mysteries of space and serve them hot and ready to your ears.

We will sort of answer questions similar in tone to the ones postulated below:

Did fuzzy aliens send zeppelins down to earth for the purpose of abducting humans?

Have mysterious satellites been circling earth for hundreds of years?

Do astronauts see aliens while out spacewalking?

Is space a vacuum of evils that should be avoided by man?

Oh boy, we are going to kind of get into those topics and mostly blow your minds! Enjoy!

Space Oddities

I mean, he is odd. And he is in space.


Airship Sightings

aurora cemetery

Mariah talks about a rash of airship sightings in the late 1890’s.


UFO Sightings by Astronauts

nice boy

Did this nice boy see a UFO?

Devin shares UFO sightings witnessed by astronauts.


The Black Knight Satellite 


Bobby digs into the mysterious legacy of the Black Knight Satellite.


Space is Awful


No thanks!

Lindsey moistens all the blankets with a screed on why space travel is an awful idea.

Mary Roach’s Packing For Mars has some AMAZING stories about the bizarre history of space travel.