Episode 29: Grab Bag II

The Grab Bag is BACK!  Almost a year ago we terrorized our listeners with a random assortment of terrors, and we are doing it again!  Your butts should be held, and your y’alls should be ready for this, because we are going to pull some horrors out of the nightmare bag!

We hope you enjoy GRAB BAG II: THE GRABBENING!

grab bag

ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download.


The Caste Marked

An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly!





Black Eyed Children

children of the corn

Mariah shares a first hand account of an encounter with black eyed children.


Ourang Medan


Bobby regales us with a tale of a ghost ship full of dead bodies found floating near Malaysia.


Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Jane Doe

casette tape

Devin pulls a disturbing story out of the grab bag about a mysterious Christmastime suicide.


Port Arthur Tasmanian Prison


Lindsey shares the historical horrors that took place at the Port Arthur Separate Prison.