Episode 27: Paranormal Attacks

No one likes being hassled.  Unwanted touch or conversation can be annoying at best (a co-worker sharing an update of their hysterectomy scars while you wash your mug in the breakroom), or downright nightmarish (realizing the dude sitting behind you on the bus has been blowing air gently onto the back of your neck for the last fifteen minutes).  It seems impossible, but ghosts and cryptids have even less respect for your personal space than bus creepers.

This week we share a variety of stories about unwanted paranormal touch, tales of ghosts, demons and boy scouts getting all up in your biz.

We hope you enjoy it and we hope it inspires you to set clear inter-dimensional boundaries.

Baby Puncher

Damn ghost babies all up in your bubble.

ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download.


The Caste Marked

An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly!




The Great Amherst Mystery


The house where Esther Cox’s haunting took place.

In the late 1800s, a young woman dealt with a deeply personal and well documented series of attacks from a demonic spirit.


The Ape Canyon Bigfoot Attack 

The prospectors’ picture in a local paper.

A group of prospectors in southwest Washington State reported that their cabin was attacked by a group of Sasquatches.


Widow Ghosts

Widow Ghost

When seemingly healthy, young Thai men began dying in their sleep, murderous widow ghosts were blamed.


The Dyatlov Incident


The remnants of the Dyatlov group’s camp.

A group of Russian hikers met a mysterious and grisly fate during a snowstorm in the Ural mountains.