Episode 26: Serial Killers

Well, we have been dancing around this topic for 25 episodes.  This week we are finally talking about serial killers.

Get ready to hear about some severely broken humans who killed for a variety of terrible reasons.  We have murderers fueled by lycanthrophy, plum cakes, prophetic dreams and REVENGE!

We hope you enjoy it!




Manuel Blanco Romasanta – AKA The Tallow Man


Manuel Blanco Romasanta was a jack of all trades.  One of his trades was being a murderous lyncanthrophic tour guide.

Nannie Doss – AKA The Giggling Granny


Oly Girl.

Nannie Doss was a serial killer who looked like a sweet grandma and laughed about poisoning her husbands.


Ahmad Suradji – AKA The Black Magic Killer


The Poutiest Wizard.

After having a prophetic dream, Ahmad Suradji was compelled to kill young women in order to receive magic powers.


Pedro Rodrigues Filho – AKA Killer Petey

Brazilian Batman.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho loved to fight crime and injustice.  Mostly with knives and stabbing and often while in prison for murder.