Episode 25: Destination Hunter Facts

Paranormal reality shows are the perfect trash television.  Nothing soothes a hangover better than watching dum dums in night vision, screaming and running from “ghosts.”

The issue with our favorite ghost hunting shows is how prolific they are.  Ghost Hunters has filmed over 200 episodes and has at least three spin off shows.  Ghost Adventures has had 23 seasons and Destination Truth, despite not being very popular, still had 5 seasons.

You can trust us on this: the majority of these episodes are bad.  Easily 75%-85% are real wet farts.

We have handpicked the best and scariest episodes from these shows to curate a ghost show mixtape for you.  This mixtape includes the following hot tracks:

  1. Puppet Surgery f/ Commander Riker
  2. Haunted Forest vs Meadow f/ Romanian Gallagher
  3. Where R We Headed, Grandson?  f/Yokai Memaw
  4. Spider Demon (Dude Get It Off) f/ ‘Roid Boyz

We hope you enjoy it!

mixtape 2



*The Darvaza gas crater is the other pit Devin mentions.

Bonus News!

*Episodes and clips from the episodes we reference will be linked in the titles, but be warned that they will be youtube rips.  Sorry, <3.

Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?

In 1995, Fox aired a special that claimed to contain authentic footage of an alien dissection.

Destination Truth – Season 3, Episode #1, “Haunted Forest/Alux”

Destination Truth

Evan the Cameraman mid flight.

In 2009, the Destination Truth crew went to a reportedly haunted Romanian forest.

Destination Truth – Season 2, Episode #11, “Aswang & Haunted Forest”

destination truth nightvision

The Destination Truth crew reviewing ghosty footage.

In 2008 Destination Truth filmed an episode in Japan’s legendary suicide forest.

*Check out the Vice article about the suicide forest HERE.

Ghost Adventures – Season 13, episode #14, “Goatman’s Bridge”

ghost adventures

Zack Bagans is clearly a middle child.

In Ghost Adventures’ most recent season, they decided to try to conjure a demon on a purportedly haunted bridge.

*Grave Encounters 1 and Grave Encounters 2 are pretty great guys!