Episode 24: Conspiracy Theories


Well you knew this episode was coming, since our Peripheral family crest should have “STEEL BEAMS” written on it in Latin.

Conspiracy theories are our jam.  We trust no one and believe every subreddit.

This week we hunker down in our nazi moon-base to broadcast our tales of weather control facilities, Illuminati bunkers, attempted coups and gelatinous rain.

BE CAREFUL!  Spoilers for The Good Place at 1:07!


“Scully, it’s me.  I need to lose ten pounds.”


News –




The HAARP Antenna field.

The HAARP facility’s intended purpose is for studying the upper atmosphere, but conspiracy theorists believe it is a machine created to control the weather.


The Denver Airport


The infamous horse statue at the Denver Airport.

The Denver Airport is shrouded in mystery.  It houses apocalyptic murals, a devilish horse statue and might contain underground bunkers for the end of days.


The Business Plot


Smedley Butler’s nicknames included “Old Gimlet Eye”, “The Fighting Quaker” and “Old Duckboard.”

In 1933 a group of rich prominent business men attempted to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Unfortunately for them a man named Smedley Butler wasn’t afraid to call them out.


Star Jellies


Yes, this was drawn in the Paint program.

A bizarre rain of small jelly like objects fell on the town of Oakville, WA.  Theories ranged from nuclear explosions to human excrement.