Episode 23: Haunted Bars

We here at Peripheral decided we could all use a drink.  There’s an uncontrolled trash fire sweeping across America, so now’s a good time to duck into a dank bar and hide out.

This week we chat about the the darkest, creepiest, most haunted bars we could find.  These stories will contain bludgeonings, stabbings, bodies buried under floorboards, torture and suicides.  Don’t worry though.  Even with all those horrors, these bars are still safer than what’s going on outside right now.

Join us!  Let’s get sauced and scared together.


“What you gonna do when your racism runs wild, BROTHER!?”




The Bloody Benders


Digging up the victims of the Bloody Benders.

In 1870, a family of serial killers used their home’s proximity to a popular Kansas trail to lure travelers into their murderous web.


The Bill o’Jacks Murders


The MoorCock (please) Inn.

In 1832, a father and son were found brutally attacked in their inn. Before expiring, the son managed to whisper a cryptic clue to who their killer was.


Darkey Kelly’s 


Being a woman is the fucking worst.

Dorcas Kelly was the Madam of a popular Dublin brothel in late 1700’s.  Unfortunately, some of her patrons were found dead in the floorboards.


The Lemp Mansion


The Lavender Lady in the Lemp Mansion Bar.

The Lemp family created a successful brewing dynasty in St. Louis, but the family line was plagued by a string of mysterious deaths.