Episode 22: Holiday Special

Oh boy, that was certainly a holiday, wasn’t it?  The whole Peripheral team got SLAMMED by nightmarish Christmas and New Years obligations, but we are back!  This week we’re releasing our holiday episode.  Did we hold off on releasing it because it is really disturbing and we didn’t want to destroy your holiday with terror?  Kind of.

Well, almost certainly.

Out topics are almost exclusively about entire families being murdered.  Don’t worry, we handle it with the reverence and class that we here at Peripheral are known for.

We hope you enjoy this festive episode!


A soothing image for a soothing episode.




The Covina Christmas Massacre


In 2008, Bruce Pardo crashed his ex-wife’s family Christmas party.  He brought gifts in the form of guns and a homemade flame thrower.


The Lawson Family


The Lawson Family Christmas Portrait.

Charlie Lawson took his family into town on Christmas Day for a family portrait.  On that same day he murdered his wife and six of his children.


The Goldmark Family


The Goldmark Family Home.

In 1983, David Rice read an article about a state legislator who had been accused of being a communist.  Rice waited two years to confront this man and his family on Christmas Day.