Episode 21: Underground Terrors

Holy shit!  Our apologies for the late episode.

This week we go underground to see the terrors mankind inflicts upon itself by digging deep into the earth.  It’s mostly tunnels, but there’s also a creepy bug pit.

This episode was recorded pre-election, so our voices still sparkle with hope for the future.  Our heart goes out to those of you dealing with difficult shit during a difficult time.  We hope you’ll grab a beer and join four dummies yelling creepy stories at each other.  We’ll leave an empty chair for you.



Frinkiac is the greatest human invention.



Big Bull Tunnel


In Virginia, frequent falling rocks and head on collisions in the Big Bull Tunnel have created a safe space for ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

The Church Hill Tunnel


Virginia is not good at tunnels.  Church Hill has the tunnel that won’t stop collapsing and is connected with the Richmond Vampire.


The Hoosac Tunnel

Hoosic Tunnel looking into the five mile long tunnel from the east portal

Image by Shaun O’Boyle of the inside of the Hoosac Tunnel

The construction of the Hoosac tunnel took  24 years and hundreds of lives, and one of those lives might have been taken by vengeful ghosts.  


The Bug Pit


The Emir of Bukhara in the mid 1800’s had a creative mind for detaining his prisoners of war, unfortunately Colonel Charles Stoddart and Arthur Connolly got to experience the Emir’s creativity first hand.