Episode 19: Mad Scientists

Scientists have mapped the human genome, explored the wonders of the universe and developed the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  But all those late nights alone in the lab can have strange effects on the mind.  Or maybe that’s just the LSD.  This week we discuss mind-altering experiments, reanimated farm animals, petri dish musicians and a serious lack of respect for radiation.  Mad scientists combine the dangers of the human mind with a total disregard for life, nature and the gods themselves.





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Giovanni Aldini 

L0023896 Giovanni Aldini, Essai...sur le galvanisme...

A little more Edison than Tesla, Giovanni Aldini fried the innards of various animal and human corpses using the magic of electricity.


Louis Slotin


A dangerous experiment on a plutonium core, nicknamed “The Demon Core”, went awry at the hands of a reckless scientist.


Sidney Gottlieb 


Sidney Gottlieb loooooooved LSD.  It was his number one hobby, second only to planning terrible assassination attempts.


Guy Ben-Ary 


Guy Ben-Ary’s art piece, “In Potentia”.

Guy Ben-Ary tests the boundaries of art and science by  shoving biological neural net goo into robots.