Episode 18: Hidden Horrors

Guys, being alive is hard.  If you have learned anything from this podcast it is that everything is trying to kill you.  We are all doing our best despite that fact, but it is impossible to keep vigilant when you can’t even see all the terrors.  The unfortunate folks in the stories we share this week were trying their best.  You can’t inspect the earth below your house to see if is has a “devil’s lair” or not, you would never assume that a man can fit his body into a hole in your ceiling that is the size of a cigar box, and if a neighbor offers you a casserole you would never guess that the secret ingredient is long pig.  We do our best, but even with the best of intentions you might end up eating dude stew.

We hope you enjoy this episode.  It might inspire you to go bunker shopping.






News –

*Lindsey was goofing around about that CLASSIC bit from Black Sheep before the show, so you know, no one from Peripheral really wants to kill Whitey.  Voting kicks ass, am I right?!

The Sessions 



Ben and Amber Session bought a home on top of an unusual natural formation that they described as feeling like they were, “living in Satan’s lair.”


The Denver Spider Man


This cigar box makes sense if you listen to the story.

An elderly man was murdered under mysterious circumstances in his home.  Investigators later discover that the attacker was right under their noses.


Guess the Serial Killer! 

Devin shares quotes from the neighbors of mass murderers and the rest of us try to guess which murderer they are referring to.


The Hinterkaifeck Farm 


Bavaria looks miserable.

The occupants of a small Bavarian farm brushed off some strange occurrences on their property.  It turns out they should have taken it more seriously.