Episode 17: Poltergiests

This week we are talking about a very special kind of haunt.  The needy, angsty teen of the ghost family: the poltergeist.  Our stories about poltergeists will paint a vivid portrait of an unwanted emo spirit crashing on your couch.  This unpleasant visitor will judge your reading material, steal your blankets to do goth shit with them and scratch Joy Division lyrics into the side of your car.  Get your butts held because things are about to get physical!

*SPOILERS for the movie DON’T BREATHE – starts at 21:29 ends at 21:53.  We love you, be careful.




  • House of a 1000 Clowns –  The Carolinas are having issues with clown sightings.  It is not ideal.
  • House Hunters: Charcoal Death Edition –  Hong Kong is having trouble finding renters for haunted high rise apartments.  A startup website is helping find tenants for those properties.
  • Peripheral Haunts – We have our own spooky issues to talk about this week.  Bobby tries to explain his recent touched-by-phantoms issue and Devin and Mariah share a creepy incident at their house.

The Haunting of Jackie Hernandez 


“Oh god, it was so Nineties up there!”

Jackie Hernandez believed she lived in a house with an angry ghost.  She was so desperate for help that she contacted local paranormal investigators.  The documentary about her haunting is available on Youtube.


The Islandmagee Witch Trials


In 1710 an Irish household experienced a series of paranormal events.  Eight local women were blamed for the haunts and a witch hunt ensued.


Emily’s Bridge  


Source: emilysbridge.com

A covered bridge in Vermont has countless reports of bad touches from an aggressive ghost.

You can watch the video Lindsey mentions here.


Marie Jose Ferreira


In 1965 a Brazilian family felt a malevolent force was attacking them in their home.  The attacks were focused primarily on a young woman living with them.