Episode 16: Secret Societies

This week on Peripheral we can hear the black helicopters swirling because we are talking about secret societies. You have to choose your membership wisely though, because some of these exclusive clubs are for fun times and others are all about unnecessary surgeries.  Take off your skin and shake off that lizard tail, let’s talk about the people who are really in charge.



Y’all haters corny.



Skoptsy – 


Mariah horrifies all of us with the tale of a miserable Russian cult obsessed with castration.


The Bohemian Club –


“And that’s the way it is…now let’s get drunk and play ping pong!”

The Bohemian Club is made up of some of the richest and most influential white men in the world, they gather up once a year to perform weird rituals and pee outdoors.


The Hellfire Club –


So spicy these party bois.

The Hellfire Club was all about party bois doing what they loved the most: drinking, singing rude songs, challenging religion and dressing up like Satan.


The Great Enlightened Society of Oculists –



A mysterious coded manuscript lead to the discovery of a secret society that had a mild obsession with eye surgery.