Episode 15: Not Quite Ghosts

We talk about ghosts all the time on Peripheral: ghosts caught on tape, creepy child ghosts, ghosts who solved their own murders and all manner of future ghosts.  This week we cover a different type of ghost, the “not quite” ghost.  These stories exist somewhere between a sheet hanging out to dry on a bush and Patrick Swayze making you a vase.

This episode has mysterious light spirits, talking corpses, the trial of a ghost murderer and the visions your brain creates to keep you alive.






Will-O’-The-Wisps –


Mysterious lights are often seen over bodies of water and bogs.  Mariah tells us the legends behind these bizarre orbs.

Living Heads –


What can a human head do in the seconds after it is severed from its body?  Devin gives us the disturbing answer.

The Hammersmith Ghost –


Dude just wanted to lay some brick.

A ghostly figure was haunting the residents of a small town in London.  When “the Hammersmith ghost” was shot, the real ghost was exposed.


The Third Man Syndrome –


The Endurance trapped in ice.

People who have survived extreme situations have revealed a common occurrence.  Some have experienced an unexpected presence.