Episode 14: Hometown Homicides

From metropolis to podunk, everyone’s hometown is different, but they share common threads that connect us all. Every town has ghost stories, creepy townies and abandoned buildings.  And every town has a haunted lover’s lane, or a trail where kids went missing, or that lake where your cousin’s best friend’s older brother said that one boy drowned.

This week each member of the Peripheral Team talks about their different hometowns and the true stories of murder that weave them together.  We hope you enjoy it!


Source: Dan Clowes, Psycho Comics #1

News – 

*A visual guide to the, “Pokemon That Look the Most Like Corpses”-

#1. Jynx, 2. Mr. Mime, 3. Diglett, 4. Dugtrio, 5. Cubone, 6. Hitmonlee, 7.  Tangela, 8. Ditto, 9. Snorlax


Seattle, WA 


Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg went missing in 1987 while traveling to Seattle.  Disturbingly, their bodies were found almost ninety miles apart.

*Survival Bonus – How to break out of zipties!

*Bonus storiesThomas C. Wales was an Assistant US attorney whose murder might have been an assassination.

Lori Erica Ruff’s suicide in 2010 revealed that she had stolen her identity.  Her true identity has yet to be discovered.


Puyallup, WA – 


Susan Powell’s disappearance in 2009 unraveled the disturbing nature of her husband’s family.

Lacey, WA and Olympia, WA  –

A woman’s chance meeting of a stranger nicknamed “Cowboy Mike” leads to a disturbing murder, but her murder was not an isolated incident.