Episode 13: Objects Out of Time

This week’s episode is on the topic of anachronisms, objects that seem to exist in a time period where they don’t belong.  We have a wide variety of curious objects ranging  from mechanical computers to alien discs.  It is a weird one, so put a hold on your butt and dive on in.


News –


The Dropa Stones –

Dropa Stone

A Dropa Stone

A discovery on the border between China and Tibet reveals a curious burial plot that held strange skeletons and 716 mysterious stones.


The Baigong Pipes –


A monument to the aliens near the Baigong Mountain

A series of iron pipes were found crisscrossing the caves inside a mountain in rural China.  Testing dated the pipes back 150,000 years.


The Antikythera Mechanism –


The Antikythera Mechanism

A mysterious lump of bronze was discovered in an ancient Greek shipwreck.  After studying the object, scientists realized it was a 2,000 year old mechanical computer.


North American Runestones-


The Kensington Runestone


Stones depicting iconography and languages from distant cultures are reported to be dotted all over America.