Episode 12: Grab Bag!

We’ve got ourselves a GRAB BAG this week!  These stories are about anything we choose.  The only ribbon tying these stories together is terror.  You won’t know what to expect or how to prepare yourself for these spooks and scares.  What you do know is that you will be gifted, from our generous mouths, four creepy stories.  We hope you enjoy this episode and its many unwanted conversations about wrestling.


You don’t know what’s in there. (Art by Maura Kalusky)


  • HAMbrose Asylum – A photographer took a photo of an abandoned asylum and discovered a creepy face in a window.  We each rate this photo based on our Chillz Scale of 0-5 (0 being fake, 5 being real). Final assessment: Roz 0.5, Devin 1, Mariah 3, Lindsey 1.5.   *RIP Mitch


The Greenbrier Ghost


The ghostly visitations of a woman claiming to have been murdered leads to a criminal investigation.


The Mad Gasser of Matoon 


Poster by Fernando Reza, you can buy it here.

The citizens of two different towns were terrorized by a mysterious assailant.  Was it hysteria or something more sinister?


The Mercy Brown Incident


In the 1890s a family experienced a string of mysterious deaths.  The last living member of the family believed that something supernatural had attacked them.




Photo by Sergey Kozmin

A shortwave radio signal out of Russia has been broadcasting a mysterious sequence of buzzes since 1982.  Please tell Mariah what this means, it is killing her.

The Tweet we sent out about UVB-76.