Episode 11: Creepy Families

We here at Peripheral hope you all had a lovely Mother’s day.  Did you call your mom and tell her that you love her?  Did you buy her a card?  We hope you did, because family is important.  After hearing this week’s episode we hope to give you a few ideas for next year’s Mother’s Day card.  Next year you could write something more original like, “Thanks for not scarring my face to make me look like my dead sibling,” or “I appreciate everything you don’t do — like not making meth, getting into witchcraft and driving our family out into the woods, never to return.”

Get hyped for some family fun and enjoy!


“Creepin’ it fresh!”




The Pollock Twins


John and Florence Pollock lost their two young daughters in a car accident in 1957, in 1958 Florence gave birth to twin girls.  The twin girls showed physical similarities to the deceased daughters and even seemed to share their memories.  Was it reincarnation or something darker?


Ursula & Sabina Eriksson


On a trip from Sweden to Ireland, identical twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were caught on camera having a shared mental breakdown.


The Jamison Family


The Jamison family’s abandoned truck

The Jamison family went missing for four years.  When their bodies were discovered it created more questions than answers.


The Winchesters


A woman climbs the stairs to nowhere in the Winchester House.

The Winchester family had a string of tragic deaths in the late 1880’s.  These events lead Sarah Winchester to believe that the family was cursed by ghosts.