Episode 10: Cursed Objects

In order to properly celebrate our tenth episode of Peripheral we have decided to make you take a second glance at every inanimate object you see (You’re welcome in advance!).  Are you a fan of vintage jewelry?  Does your heart sing at the thought of riding with the top down in a classic car?  Do you have a cherished family heirloom that you could never part with?  SECOND GLANCE, PEOPLE!  We have stories this week that will make you throw that garbage ring out a window, drive that jalopy into a goddamn bridge abutment and tell your great-great grandma’s ghost to suck it as you bury her beloved vase in the backyard.  You will also be too scared to ever go camping again.

JOIN US!  We want to scare you smart.




Little Bastard


Gearheads beware.

James Dean’s silver Porsche was passed around after his death in 1955.  Along with the car came some seriously bad luck.

The Basano Vase


This isn’t the Basano Vase, but it is clearly cursed.

The Basano vase was making the rounds in Italy in the 15th century, leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake.

Valentino’s Ring


Rudolph Valentino.

Rudolph Valentino was a famous actor in the 1920’s.  He had a keen fashion sense that may have lead to his untimely death.

Stick Indians 


Stay on the trail.

Lindsey went off topic to talk about a Pacific Northwest legend.  It might make you think twice before you visit the woods.