Episode 9: Imposters

This week Peripheral is sharing some chilling tales that will make your fake soul patches shiver.  Charming men that turn you into barbecue, blood ritual cults and drug fueled orgies, a ghost named Mr. Splitfoot and terrifying doppelgangers.  Cover your mirrors, erase your Tinder accounts and kill your twins, because fakers are everywhere.


“I am thou…Thou art I…From the sea of thy soul, I come…”




  • Real Estate Hot Tips:  The Los Feliz Murder House and The Watcher House are both on the market.
  • Horror Movie Tagline Quiz!:  Lindsey lists taglines from popular horror movies and the Peripheral crew guess which movies they are from.

    Try the game out for yourself at the bottom of this post!


Henri Desire Landru


Full of lust and ennui.

Henri Landru was a petty criminal and a ladies’ man.  These interests led him down a dark path.


Emilie Sagee


Emilie Sangee had a bad case of the dopplegangers.


Santos and Cayetano Hernandez


Totally a god.

The Hernandez brothers convinced a whole town that they were Inca gods, and then things got a little out of hand.


The Fox Sisters


The Fox sisters, rocking that drapery chic.

The Fox sister’s claimed to be able to communicate with spirits. Their powers gave birth to a spiritual movement.


Tagline Quiz!

Guess which movie these taglines are from…


“She is the only one who can stop it…if she fails, no one survives.”

“A scream that wakes you up, might be your own.”

“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep”



“He’s come back.”

“The night he came home.”

“The trick was to stay alive.”



“This September, aim for the head.”

“In a time of crisis, a hero must rise…from his sofa.”

“Bought coffee. Called mom. Dodged zombies.”

“A romantic comedy with zombies.”



“The most grueling film ever made.”

“Can a movie go too far?”

“The one that goes all the way!”

“Don’t turn away!  Look at it!  These are men, men like you!”

“Ripout! Barbecue! Devour!  How long can you take it?”



“If an old man warns you not to go there…make fun of him.”

“If the basement door swings open…go down there.”

“If you hear a strange sound outside…have sex!”

“If something is chasing you…split up.”



“Inner city vs. outer space”



“Remember Philly?” (the tagline is actually, “Remember Philly!” It is not a question but is still a dumb tagline.)