Episode 8: Haunted Roads

We have a packed show this week on Peripheral! The whole team is back and we are joined by seasoned co-host Erin and first timer Shelby!  We have an unprecedented FIVE stories about haunted roads, so you should all be holding onto your butts for this joy ride.  We have tales of haints so bad that you will never listen to Disturbed the same way again.  Join us, but triple check your backseat first.


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Crawford Road


Crawford Road in Yorktown, Virginia is a dumping ground for dead bodies, cracked safes and hanged ghosts.

Factor’s Walk 

This historical district in Savannah, Georgia has a dark and tawdry past that moans through its dark alleyways.

Shades of Death Road 


Source: Mortadelo2005 via Wikipedia

Shades Road in Warren County, New Jersey has been the site of so many paranormal experiences that the locals renamed it.

Clinton Road 


There are many unique legends associated with Clinton Road in New Jersey, but it has also hosted its share of real life horrors.

*Bonus links to the Ice Man interviews mentioned in the article.

The Paranormal Corridor  


The 37th N Latitude is supposedly a hot bed of paranormal activity across the United States.

*Bonus links to the Phoenix Lights phenomena and the Lebanon, Illinois UFO sighting mentioned in the article.