Episode 7: Murder Castles

On this week’s episode of Peripheral, we are missing a co host and in their place we have a very special guest!  Please welcome Andy, our unofficial fifth member and our very official Billionaire Baby, who fills in for Devin this week.  Our topic this week is murder castles, which we feel also extends to any shelter on land or sea.  The Peripheral team covers a breadth of terrifying topics: suitors with bushy mustaches and evil intentions, murderous introverts, the deafening silence of cruise ship nap time and being a poor Chinese citizen with a common blood type.   Enjoy!


HH drawingThis amazing drawing was made by Holly Carden.  Check out her website where you can buy prints and see the detailed process she went through to make it!



Lindsey put Mariah and Andy on the spot, playing them well known horror movie theme music and making them identify it.

H.H. Holmes and The World’s Fair Hotel


H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes was a terrifying serial killer who built a murder castle that took up a full city block in Chicago.   There is a post office where the murder castle used to be.

Catherine Báthory and the Cachtice Castle


Catherine Bathory

Catherine Báthory had a terrible turnover rate with servants.  Hundreds of young women entered her castle only to leave in a coffin.  Cholera was a real bitch.

Kimberly Craft’s book, Infamous Lady: The True Story of Countess Erzsébet Báthory, was a great resource for this story.

Murders at Sea


This is just a terrible collage of images

Andy shares a few of his favorite stories about murders on cruise ships.


Tianjin Transplant Hospital


The Tianjin Hospital

China has a rapidly growing hospital that performs an alarmingly high number of organ transplants.