Episode 6: St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!  After a week off due to birthdays and technical difficulties, Peripheral is BACK!  This week we will give you the old Irish Tingle, vibrating your livers with spookiness.  Mariah shares the true history of the banshee, Devin will make you nervous to stand on train platforms and Lindsey has conspiracy theories about body snatchers and mysterious dolls.  Sláinte!


News Corner:

Bonus Dio Links:  Check out Ronnie James Dio’s awesome tombstone, and the Tenacious D and Das Racist songs that were mentioned.



Mariah tackles the history and lore of the banshee.


Kieran Patrick Kelly


In the early eighties in Ireland, Kieran Patrick Kelly was a serial killer who murdered at least 16 people.


The Tiny Coffins & The Burke and Hare Anatomy Murders


In 1836, 17 miniature coffins were discovered in a hillside in Scotland.  The coffins are shrouded in mystery, but they might have a connection to the infamous Burke and Hare murders.