Episode 5: Cults

This week on Peripheral we are putting on our flowiest robes and tossing out our individual freedoms so we can share stories about our favorite cults!  We have unquestionably illustrious leaders of all varieties, from a torture happy drug lord, to a self identified new Jesus and even a rocket scientist turned occultist!  We hope you enjoy this episode.  Don’t forget to call your perfect leader and tell them you love them.



News Corner This week Lindsey thinks the world is ending!

  • Hot Holes –  Hikers in Ohio found an evil looking tree in the middle of the woods.


Matamoros Human Sacrifice Cult


In 1989, an American college student went missing in Matamoros, Mexico.  The search for the student lead to a gruesome discovery of a ranch occupied by a human sacrifice cult.

John Whiteside Parsons


John Whiteside Parsons is regarded as among the most important figures in the history of the U.S. Space Program, he also happened to dabble in the occult.  His interest in science fiction and rocketry lead him to the Abbey of Thelema, a religion created by Aleister Crowley.

George Pendle’s book, Strange Angels: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons, was an AMAZING resource for this story.  It is a fascinating read and has Peripheral’s stamp of approval.

Extra information from this story:

Radioactive paint – Young ladies in the early 1900s used radioluminescent paint to make clock faces glow in the dark.

Mad Hatter’s Disease – Mercury was once used to shape animal pelts into hats.

Brutal Legend – Brutal Legend was made by Double Fine, it was an open world action/adventure game based in a heavy metal inspired fantasy world.


Aum Shinrikyo


Aum Shinrikyo is a doomsday cult created by Shoko Asahara, he convinced his followers to carry out the 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attack.

Haruki Murakami wrote a non-fiction account of the sarin gas attacks in Japan, titled Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche.