Episode 4: Washington Stories

Washington State is filled with stories of the paranormal.  The big stories usually cover Sasquatch and Kurt Cobain’s ghost, but the Peripheral team wanted to share some of the lesser known stories from our beloved Evergreen State.  In this locally focused episode, we have tales of unidentified flying objects, a “doctor” serial killer and even spontaneous combustion.



News Corner:  

*Bonus Disney stories: Does the Pirates of the Caribbean ride feature real human remains? Disneyland asks riders to stop dumping human ashes on the Haunted Mansion ride.  Feral cats are used to keep Disneyland’s rodent population under control.

Spontaneous Combustion


In 1973 a mysterious fire broke out in a funeral home in Hoquiam, Washington.


Starvation Heights



In Olalla, Washington, Linda Hazzard opened a sanitarium where she practiced a very unique form of healing on her patients.


Kenneth Arnold 



In 1947, Kenneth Arnold was on a routine flight when he saw something strange flying around Mt. Rainier.