Episode 3: Mystery Spots

Dust off your compasses and check your horizon, because this week on Peripheral we are talking about our favorite mystery spots.  Triangles, haunted bridges and east coast flashers are all featured on this week’s spooky scary episode.



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News Corner – This week has extra paper rustling!  (Sorry!)

  • Doom Schooner – Japan is not appreciating North Korea’s ships washing up on their shores, especially because they are full of dead bodies.
  • Bunsen Boner – A Liverpool elementary school’s reference skeleton turns out to be a little too accurate.
  • Pickled Hearts– A large burial chamber was discovered bricked up underneath a convent in France.
  • Clown About Town  – A small town is being harassed by an ex-con clown.   *Additional terror: The waving Chicago cemetery clown.


The Overtoun Bridge 


A bridge located near the village of Milton in the burgh of Dumbarton, Scotland

The Overtoun Bridge is rumored to lure dogs to their deaths.


The Bennington Triangle


An area of southwestern Vermont is home to many strange occurrences, including quite a few missing persons.


The Bridgewater Triangle


The Dighton Rock is located within the Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle is located in southeastern Massachusetts and is a hub of paranormal activities and mysterious natural landmarks.