Episode 2: Crimes of Passion


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week on Peripheral, the team shares their favorite crimes of passion. This Valentine’s Day inspired episode will cover tales of crush-worthy cannibalism, intimate infanticide and sensuous stalking.

Join us, and our special guest and good friend Erin, as we get dreamy and steamy about some truly terrible events…

News Corner – This week is a hodge podge of weird stuff!

The Lady and the Ubermensch


Denise Labbe and Jacques Algarron

Denise Labbe was in love with a man who thought he was Superman, their relationship was not a healthy one.

The Celebrity Cannibal


Issei Sagawa – A cool dude

Issei Sagawa is a deranged criminal and a minor celebrity.

The Rolling Stones wrote a song about Issei Sagawa,

“You know, he took her to his apartment
Cut off her head, put the rest of her body
In the refrigerator, ate her piece by piece
Put her in the refrigerator, put her in the freezer

And when he ate her he took her bones
To the Bois de Boulogne
By chance, a taxi driver noticed him
Burying the bones, you don’t believe me?
Truth is stranger than fiction
We drive through there everyday”

-Too Much Blood, from the album Undercover

The Circleville Poison Pen Letters


Paul Freshour and a letter from the Poison Pen Writer

The residents of Circleville, Ohio were stalked by an anonymous letter writer.  When the alleged author of the letters, Paul Freshour, was put in prison, the letters did not stop.