Episode 1: Spooky Islands


Source: Adrian Mealand

In our inaugural episode the Peripheral team each covers a different spooky island.  This episode has it all: future ghosts, polenta, burgling, bros who are scared of dolls, old rich douche bags, and coffins full of dismembered body parts.

Join the Peripheral team as we regale you with horrors from a few of our favorite sub-continental land masses surrounded by water….

News Corner – This week Lindsey bums everyone out!


The Island of the Dolls


Don Julian Santana Barrera, pictured above, was the man who created Doll Island. Source: Adrian Mealand

Isla de las Muneca, Aka The Island of the Dolls, is located in Mexico City between the canals of Xochimico.


Gaiola Island

Gaiola Island is located near Naples, Italy


Hart Island


Hart Island in the 1940s

Hart Island is an island in New York City at the western end of the Long Island Sound, it is a potter’s field that harbors over a million bodies.

For more information about the Hart Island Project, please visit:



Mariah’s Bonus Island – The RW/RR Challenge Island


“Survivor 2: Unlimited Hard A”

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is the Peripheral team’s favorite show of all time.  The Island was a particularly terrible season that haunts all of us.


*Lindsey incorrectly identifies Hart island as the island where Typhoid Mary was confined, North Brother Island was where Mary was quarantined for two decades.

 *Lemmy Kilmister was alive at the time that this podcast was recorded, which is why our conversation about him is weird.  Also, the supergroup Lindsey mentioned was Probot.  Remember PROBOT, guys!?